Tamaskan Breed History
The History of the Tamaskan

Breed Origin

Originating from imported USA sled type dogs and mixed with Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd, they then were exported to Finland where more recently other feral looking sled type dogs have been added to improve the Tamaskan Wolfdog. The purpose was to create a dog that looks like a feral in appearance with working ability.

Founding Breeders

The first generation of Tamaskan to be registered were born in 2002, bred by the two main founders (Blustag & Blufawn Kennels) of the breed. Since that time the founders have continued to search for wolfy looking dogs to improve the breed. The last foundation dog was added to the breed in 2006, when the doors were closed on any new bloodlines. The breeds used include the Northern Inuit, Utonagan, Siberian Husky and Finnish racing huskies (which consist of unregistered huskies and husky crosses bred for competitive sled racing in Lapland). Each dog was carefully selected for its appearance, intelligence, temperament and health.

First Tamaskans in America

The first Tamaskan to be imported into America arrived in 2005 and they had their first litter in 2007. Since that time the Tamaskans popularity has grown and there are now a handful of registered breeders across North America.


The country of origin is difficult to determine, Tamaskan were bred in Finland, Britain and America before the bloodlines were closed in 2006 which could mean that all three are the countries of origin. Currently no country has accepted the Tamaskan as a registered breed, although it is believed the Tamaskan may soon be recognized by the FSS, as well as recognition through other Clubs.


Early 2006, after the British and International Utonagan Society disolved, the committee members in the United Kingdom formed the Tamaskan Dog Register. In early 2007, the Tamaskan Club of America was formed in order to promote the needs, vision and ethical standards of the breeders from the United States of America; at this time the dogs recognised by the Tamaskan Club of America™ were named the "Americn Tamaskan". Tamaska means "Mighty Wolf" in a North American Indian language so the uniquely American name seemed appropriate. The Tamaskan Club of America™ based in North Carolina is the governing body for all American Tamaskans Worldwide.

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